The Power of 10
Your Life, Repurposed!
How to Clarify Your Calling Without Hard Work or Hustle
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Michelle Paisley Reed

International Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spirit Medium/Channel for The Power of 10, Star of the upcoming reality show "Don't Change the Channel."

Jodah Reed

Former Aerospace Engineer Turned Spirit Whisperer, Techie who Helps Manage Michelle's Digital Life, Living Example THAT IT WORKS!
Today You're Going To Learn...
  • How To Get Clarity Toward Your Life’s Purpose...
  • Five Simple Shifts to Create More Time/Money Freedom...
  • The Fastest Way to Manifest Your Desires
  • The #1 Reason You Block the Good Stuff
  • Plus, a FREE copy of our #1 International Amazon bestselling book, Manifesting Miracles and Money!
  • Lots more but running out of room here :-)
"I feel very clear about my life's callings. I have said YES to the opportunities that came up that just felt right, and I am seeing and taking action on them. Many of these adventures I wanted a long time ago and felt hopeless about them showing up. Now, I am seeing opportunities appearing in my life effortlessly! I sometimes get overwhelmed with how many options are appearing, and while I am saying yes to all for the fun of it, I am choosing only what feels like the very best of them all." -E.C.
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